Sunday, March 19, 2006

Unity - an orchestra

An orchestra consists of many different instruments of different sizes, shapes and materials. These different instruments make different sounds - some low pitched, some high pitched. Some are brass sounds, some woodwind sounds,some string sounds, some percussion sounds. When all play together in time and in tune, it is a beautiful sound. The harmony of the musical composition adds to the beauty of the sound. As each player follows the sheet music something wonderful is performed for the delight of the audience.

[Note: the musical composition, the sheet music can be related to the Bible]

Our unity is based in Jesus Christ. God has made us and has given each of us differnt backgrounds. Even children in the same family have different experiences. Married couples generally don't share every minute of every day. Each of us also have different temperaments. Even if we shared identical experiences doesn't mean that we would necessarily respond to them or interpret them the same way.


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