Saturday, May 28, 2016

5 Useful Sites for Sermon Illustrations

Last week as I prepared to preach on Trinity Sunday, and this week as I prepared to preach on Romans 1:1-17, I have been hunting feverishly for illustrations.  I've found typing in things like "encouragement illustration" and "faith illustration" have yielded some good results.  Here are some of the sites that I've been led to in my search for illustrations:

There are a number of illustrations for each topic which means that you can pick the one that most perfectly fits what you're seeking to illustrate.

This site has some of the same illustrations that I found at, but there were other ones as well.  The illustrations are retrieved by clicking on links.

This site is the Bartlett's Quotations site of sermon illustrations - short, pithy statements, mostly one-liners.

Most of the illustrations here are accessible, but some, which are marked "Pro," are only for paid subscribers.

This site is set up like with links to illustrations.

There you have it; five go-to sites for sermon illustrations.  Happy hunting!


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